Scrumptious Carpaccio

We love crossing borders and combining the best of two worlds. Italy is known for amazing gorgonzola, parmesan cheese and top-notch olive oil. Uruguay knows how to raise tasty beef. So we threw all these ingredients together and came up with a juicy spin on a trusty Italian favorite: carpaccio.

Do you want to impress your guests with a perfect carpaccio? Or do you simply want to treat yourself? This beauty melts in your mouth and will leave you craving for more. Prego!


Deluxe Rib-Eye Steak Hollandaise

Our juicy rib-eye steak is a treat by itself – its rich taste never seizes to amaze us. So you can imagine what it tastes like if you combine it with a rich basil hollandaise sauce. Yep, almost too good to be true. Easy. Classic. Tasty.


Flaming Hot Thai Steak Stir-Fry

The Thai cuisine is all about fresh ingredients and a harmonious mix of different flavors. Sweet, sour, spicy and savory all fused into one dish. And you know how we feel about good fusions. We just can’t stay away from them. So we combined the Thai cuisine with our amazing Angus Striploin Steak from Uruguay.

Noodles, vegetables, an enticing Thai sauce and a sizzling steak. Makes for a perfect combination, don’t you think?


Organic burger with beer caramelized onions

We all know the feeling. It’s finally weekend and there are only two things on your mind: beer and burgers. We combined the two into one recipe. Beer and burgers? I know we had you at beer.


Bacon Camembert Burger

Combining the best of two worlds. That’s what we’re good at. So how about some French cheese with two American favorites all wrapped up into a delicious package? Yes please!


Mind-blowing Greek Lamb Burger

With six times more sheep than people, New Zealand knows its way with sheep. So it won’t surprise anyone that New Zealanders produce the best lamb in the world. Combined with the top-notch Greek skills of preparing lamb, and you will have a meal that will blow your mind.

Who needs a trip to Greece when you can make this burger at home in no time. Simple, but seriously delicious.


Not your typical Carpaccio

Of course you can make your Carpaccio with pine nuts, salad rocket and Parmesan. We love our classics. But we also love a twist. Only when you get out of your comfort zone now and then can a new classic emerge.

So we’ve come up with a totally new recipe for our Carpaccio. And whether or not it’s a potential classic, one thing is for sure: it’s super tasty. You decide!


Wintery Wagyu Burger

A special burger calls for a special recipe. So how do you pair the most exclusive beef burger in the world? Easy. With a delicious cranberry sauce and a Brussels sprout slaw. Simple, but boy it’s good.


Glorious Bunless Beef Burger

Curious to know what the best Brazilian beef tastes like? In the state Mato Grosso we found amazing beef with an amazing story. Therefore, we decided to let the meat speak for itself.

We’ve complemented the burger with some tasty sweet potato fries and caramelized onion. Aw yeah! Is your mouth watering yet?


Green-pastures grilled entrecote

When you’re in the States, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. By the cities, but more importantly by nature and the cattle. The Angus cattle are impressive. Wait till you see them in open pastureland.

So for this recipe we reintroduce a hint of these green pastures to the steak with the ultimate salsa verde. The perfect complement to your entrecote.


Blissful Iberico burger

You’ve bought an Iberico burger. Better make it worthwhile because this is no ordinary meat. It comes from Iberico pork, world famous for its dried ham.

So when you have the best burger, you’d better complement it with divine ingredients. Need some inspiration? Here you go:


Honest organic burger

We searched for the best organic beef in the world and found it in Uruguay. The farmers over there are passionate about protecting the biodiversity and producing delicious, tasty natural beef. This burger is made with that beef.

So this is an honest burger and deserves an honest recipe. And, as one of our front runners, it’s the real deal.


Almost all-American Angus burger

Aw man… We do love a classic American burger. But we love guacamole as well. And one night, we didn’t want to have to choose, so we combined both and loved the result. But maybe it’s not exactly fusion, because guacamole has already become a huge part of American cuisine.

It doesn’t really matter. It’s delicious and you should definitely try it.


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